Team building Activities

Outdoor Strategic Games

“As the challenge increases, so does the need for teambuilding” Solving unusual situations through cooperation of the group members. The ideal choice to evaluate the dynamics in a group. The aim is to improve cohesion in the group, in order to improve working relations and efficiency in the workplace. Decision making, effective and clear communication, trust and teamwork are necessary prerequisites for finding solutions to the given problems.

Minute – to – Win it

Challenge using household items 60 seconds on the clock pressure is on the line. Think you can do it? You’ve got the minute to win. People are playing these difficult games at home, at work and parties the point increases so does the difficulty. Who will be in the first place?

GPS Team Development

Experience the magnificent African surroundings while tracking your way points. You will need to solve unusual situations through cooperation of your group or team members. Its here where the dynamics of sharing ideas, and working together to accomplish a goal, is fundamental. You will learn orientation skills in the form of a treasure hunt. Move from point A to point B and gather as much points and info on your way to victory.

Big 5 Sabie Sands Orientation Experience

Experience the magnificent African bush set in the heart of the Sabi Sands Game Reserve in an open vehicle. Game rangers will accompany you while tracking the Big Five, and share with you their vast knowledge of the surrounding wildlife. The animals that can be seen include Africa’s Big 5 in their natural habitats. On top of that you will also come to learn about the fauna & Flora that contribute to the African bush. There are very few things as soul effecting as seeing these magnificent creatures.

Quad Bike GPS Orientation

Teams will have to find their way through African Bushveld and orchards using Quad Bikes with only a GPS showing them the way! Along the way, they will Discover Strategic games and solve unusual situations through cooperation of the group or team members. Teamwork and building trust are encouraged as participants go double on the quad bikes. It is fun, energetic and brings out all team dimensions!

High Ropes

It is not only a fun event but it also pulls the team together as you have to work together and communicate under unusual circumstances. It creates an environment that is ideal to stimulate growth and can be used as a powerful tool in our team development programs.

Adventure Race

The adventures race will take about 1.5 hours to complete. It is not about fitness but rather strategic planning and teamwork that determine the success of your team. The race will include tubing, hiking and raft steering. A really exciting way to develop and promote teamwork!

Sunset Cruise

Enjoy nature’s tranquilizing effect while watching the African sunset over a picturesque dam. Floating on an inflatable raft at sunset is a unique experience and allows you to kick back, forget about your troubles and relax completely. Delicacies and liqueurs are served on a floating table by candlelight. (For corporate groups only)

Motivational Speaker / Mental Coach

We focus specifically on personal and team development. The individual gets to know him/herself. The next step is to get to know and learn more about their colleagues.