Outdoor Strategic Games

As the challenge increases, so does the need for team building.

Solving unusual situations through cooperation of the group members. The ideal choice to evaluate the dynamics in a group.  The aim is to improve cohesion in the group, in order to improve working relations and efficiency in the workplace. Decision making, effective and clear communication, trust and teamwork are necessary prerequisites for finding solutions to the given problems.

Photo Gallery

We have a numerous amount of activities that can be played as long as space available.  They are perfect for a sunny days. The games include blindfolded mind field, blindsided volleyball, puzzles and many more

They cover skills of listening for example: when you don’t have eyes to see, reacting quickly when the unexpected happens, and planning and thinking.

Outcomes are:

  •          Teamwork
  •          Trust
  •          Communication
  •          Patients
  •          Cohesiveness
  •          Team dynamics and morale
Outdoor Strategic Games
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